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Investment Analysis
Investment analysis is an estimate of the possible outcomes resulting from the purchase and operation of rental real estate. While based on current Federal income tax laws, projections used for rent, expenses, appreciation and continued tax benefits for the investor and property can change during the holding period. Investing in rental real estate involves risk and investors should consider the possibilities carefully.


  • There will be a constant appreciation rate during the holding period.
  • Rental income and expenses will remain constant during holding period.
  • Investor wants to maximize wealth and will reinvest positive cash flows.
  • If negative cash flows result, an interest charge will be made at the same savings rate to offset the opportunity cost of being able to use that money elsewhere.
  • The marginal tax rate of the investor will remain constant during the holding period.
  • The marginal tax rate of the investor is used to determine the impact of this investment regardless of what else the investor may do in the year of sale.
  • The investor is able to apply the annual tax savings generated against that year’s tax liability.
  • The investor will pay federal taxes for long term capital gains and recapture of cost recovery in the year of sale.

Fix and Flip Analysis
This analysis is used on investment property that is purchased and sold usually in a short period of time after repairs or improvements have been made. It assumes that gain will be taxed at ordinary income rates.

Discount Note
Calculates the present value of a stream of income to reach a desired yield. The purchaser of the existing note buys the right to collect the payments for the remaining term. In order to increase the yield which was determined by contract in the original mortgage, the current unpaid balance needs to be discounted.

Retirement Projection
Based on your current net worth, this tool will provide an estimate of what your annual investment contribution needs to be to achieve a desired annual income for a specified period of time after retirement.

Savings Plan
Projects the future value of savings based on a starting value and regular contributions over time at a specified interest rate.

College/Special Event Savings
Projects the monthly or annual contributions to achieve a monetary goal at a period in time to have tuition available for a person’s college education based on a specific yield.

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